June 5, 2018  04:12AM EST

LONDON & NEW YORK & SINGAPORE & HAMBURG iXledger, a pioneer in blockchain enabled insurance solutions, and unisonSteadfast, one of the largest international broker networks, with over 550 brokers in 130 countries, 20,000 employees, and over USD 23.5B in gross written premium, today announced a partnership to develop a solution based on iXledger’s blockchain enabled platform to streamline work processes and expand services to their members and customers.

The initial phase of the strategic partnership is focused on implementing solutions to drive value through network management, communications and knowledge sharing. In addition, it is our vision to create a next-generation online marketplace and client management platform that will utilize iXledger’s blockchain technology.

“Blockchain enabled solutions have great potential to enhance member services, increase customer engagement, grow revenue and increase efficiencies,” Wolfgang Mercier, President and CEO of unisonSteadfast said. “Partnering with iXledger will enable us to utilize the capabilities of blockchain technologies to streamline processes in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, especially when dealing with cross border communications and compliance.”

unisonSteadfast has a reputation for facilitating excellent service and the use of state-of-the-art technology solutions, which has enabled growth over the past decade,” Ingemar Svensson, Founder and CEO of iXledger said. “We are excited that a global insurance organisation like unisonSteadfast has recognised the capabilities of iXledger and engaged our company as their blockchain technology partner. We are confident that our partnership will result in greater control and visibility across complex workflows across the member network, achieving greater efficiencies.”


iXledger leverages blockchain technology to create innovative, next generation solutions for the insurance industry that offer all participants consistent, shared and secure processes that increase efficiency, reduce costs and have the potential to grow revenue and loyalty by enhancing customer engagement. iXledger is headquartered in London, with offices in New York and Singapore.


Contact: info@ixledger.com





unisonSteadfast, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is the third largest international broker network with more than 550 insurance brokers and 16,00 employees, and over USD 20B of gross written premium.  Multi-jurisdictional insurance management is offered to clients through its network, which reaches 130 countries.