Moving forward

iXledger has achieved a great deal in its first year!

We’re working to develop our products with our various partners. At the same time, we’re taking strides on our core Marketplace, which will truly set us apart in the field.

Commercial Development

The Engineering team has been hard at work. Their development of a professional social network for unisonSteadfast is gaining pace, and will be a highly valuable asset for them as a brokerage network.

But our team is also continuing to develop the iXledger Marketplace. Engineering is writing additional microservices in Node.js, and associated front-end screens in React.

Meanwhile, R&D is ongoing for a particular aspect of Ethereum blockchain technology. Last week we launched our Engineering Blog, to give insights into working on the technology at iXledger.

Furthermore we have also made good progress on the insurance policy lifecycle. Being able to cover the whole cycle from applying for a policy to receiving any claims is critical to our mission as an InsurTech.

The new elements that we have laid out are the quoting stage; live insurance policy; and the renewal stage. Obviously a live insurance policy has more granular components, which we have also identified and laid out.

In a nutshell, there are funds going in and (potentially) out of the policy, in the form of premiums and claims respectively. This is coupled with potential changes, also known as endorsements. Endorsements are also split into different types being:

  • Change in policy terms and conditions
  • Change in insurance handlers
  • Changes that do not affect the policy terms and conditions

At the same time we are working to deliver the relaunch of

The new website will provide an area where brokers, captive managers; third party administrators; excess insurers, or any other type of self-insurance provider can interact with each other to do business easily.

Still a lot more for us to do, but we strive to overcome each new challenge in our way. Stay tuned!

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