Commercial Development

We made it!

iXledger reached a major turning point in its development with the release of a live product, the first of its kind on the market, already pulling in clients. Blockchain Insurance provides blockchain companies an assessment tool with connections to London brokers, making insurance tailored to the risks of this space more accessible to them.

We have FCA approval and AR status, giving us permission to provide regulated products and services. Additionally, we’re in close association with the global brokerage network unisonSteadfast as their Blockchain Technology Partner. Be ready for our upcoming Minimum Viable Product with a professional social network!

These are major accomplishments in the Blockchain Insurance field, and we’re proud to have reached these targets in this relatively short time. But we won’t stop here! We intend to take full advantage of what we have achieved so far as a launchpad towards our goals. Watch this space for exciting developments.


IXT, the token fuelling the platform, was listed on the Bit-Z exchange on the 13th of July. Thank you to everyone in our cryptocurrency community who believed in our project and voted in favour of this listing.

Now that our IXT token is finally listed on a world-leading digital asset trading exchange it has a great deal more reach. This development completes a set of highly encouraging assets for us as we seek to strengthen our place in the field.

University Visit

The team was honoured to receive a delegation from St Gallen University, Switzerland last week. We had an enjoyable, lively discussion with our visitors about our company’s mission and why blockchain has such potential to change insurance for the better.

Here you can see the group listening to our CTO, Chris Hamilton.

The gathering learned about iXledger’s story so far, and how the insurance platform we are developing will streamline the currently byzantine processes in the industry. Removing the need for third-party validation on transactions, and keeping them on one secure decentralised record, are innovations that should be striking to anyone with knowledge of insurance.